When PSA Antwerp, the largest container terminal operator in the port of Antwerp, started working with us, we set the main priorities together:

  • Ease of use and freedom of movement when creating new pages were very important.
  • Creating and sending newsletters had to be as simple as possible.
PSA screenshot

Marketing freedom

For maximum freedom of movement when creating new pages, we did not use Page Manager or Views-pages. Instead, we streamlined the back-end workflow with as many nodes as possible. This way, even the creation of more complex pages, with a more dynamic layout for example, does not require the intervention of a developer.

The various elements for a new page are created on-the-fly and moved by drag-and-drop. Not quite sure about a new element? Then it can simply be made invisible to visitors.

PSA screenshot


The creation of newsletters directly from the website is taken care of by our own Pigeon module. A link with Mailchimp ensures that the PSA-admins can now easily create the newsletters in the website on the basis of existing content. A preview option simultaneously shows what the mail to Mailchimp will look like before it is finally sent. The user can log in to Mailchimp for that last step, but does not need to do so at all. An additional advantage is that, if desired, the newsletters are also available directly on the website, without the need for further action.

Calibrate opleiding

From A to Z

The new PSA site has been completely designed to work with minimal effort. In addition, Calibrate provided customised training for the PSA webmasters, with additional documentation for those absent. As we insist on offering a complete package, the PSA website was delivered with all pages already fully structured. PSA only had to provide the texts, nothing more.