Energetica Natura is a specialist in quality food supplements. They work exclusively with a limited number of high-quality brands that meet strict quality standards.

Energetica Natura is active in 5 countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Germany. The webshop is already fully dedicated to B2C, but they thought the time was right to invest in a B2B2C platform. 

Energetica has a lot of professional customers who guide their clients in selecting the right supplements to complement a healthy lifestyle. The new professional portal plays a crucial role in this. The international context in which this all has to take place naturally also brought the necessary challenges with it.

Via the B2B2C professional portal, these professionals advise their customers about supplements that can then be purchased directly via the webshop. The professional is always informed of the status of these orders and can follow them up for his own customers.


Digital strategy, agile prototyping, user testing, Drupal development


  • The professional portal had to be integrated into the existing Drupal Commerce platform 
  • An extensive link was needed between the internal SAP system and the Drupal platform so that data can be exchanged in two directions, near real-time.
  • The portal not only had to facilitate Energetica Natura's account management, it also had to be user-friendly for both the professional and the end user.

Our project solution

Since the arrival of a new portal would impact different platforms, a clear roadmap and strong planning was key in this project. In agreement with all parties, we developed the following roadmap.


Strategic research
Through concrete workshops and some strong analysts, the initial needs and requirements of the portal were mapped out.


Agile Prototyping 
We created interactive wireframes to work out the UX in detail and from there created the necessary designs that immediately reflected Energetica's new corporate identity


User testing
Experts do not know everything. That is why we always recommend user testing as early as possible in the process. Before we started development we used moderated user testing to validate whether the prototype meets the expectations of the end user. And that there were no major obstacles preventing users from successfully performing their tasks on the platform. As always, despite all the preliminary research, some crucial changes came out of that. Quite a saving, then, because that's literally custom work that was never written.


Drupal development 
With the designs and the scope we could start the Drupal development. We divided the project into several sprints so that the necessary feedback could be provided in time. In the last sprint the user stories were collected that were necessary for the connection with SAP. Before we could start with this last sprint, the SAP upgrade track had to be recorded.


SAP Interface 
The existing SAP environment did not meet the input and output of the new portal and needed a thorough overhaul so that the right data could always be addressed.  Our experts then went to work to realize a sophisticated link between both platforms.


Go live 
When launching the portal, we had to take into account different parties and platforms. Our hosting provider ScaleCity had to make the switch from a stand-alone webshop to a webshop including a portal. In addition, the link to SAP had to be closely monitored so that not only the portal, but also the webshop, kept the right connections. A strongly developed planning helped us to successfully launch the portal together with the various parties. 

Met hulp van Calibrate hebben wij onze dienstverlening voor professionele klanten naar een hoger niveau kunnen tillen. Zij hebben ons idee snel tastbaar gemaakt door een goede technische analyse en visuele uitwerking. Kritisch meedenken, een hechte samenwerking en open communicatie zijn de sleutel geweest in dit project.
Alex Ward
Digital performance marketeer
Alex Ward - Energetica Natura
happy person


After an intensive process of several months with our team in full force, the portal was received with open arms by both professionals and end users. Professionals claimed that it not only makes their work easier, but that it also makes them look more professional. Conclusion: mission accomplished! 

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