Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Ondernemen (MVO) / Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the responsibility of an organisation for the effects of its decisions and activities on society and the environment. We developed a new Drupal website for the Flemish Government. The website was created via an agile development process, which was carried out on site at the client's premises. A team of three developers worked intensively for more than two months, in close cooperation with the project leaders and stakeholders of MVO Vlaanderen.

Expertise and flexibility

Development was started on the basis of a previously validated prototype and graphic design, which was realised during a preliminary project with us and for which Calibrate also provided its expertise. During the development, however, a number of parts of the scope were changed. To this end, we were able to make use of the flexible assets of agile development.

MVO perspective

Powerful search and relevant content

Through a powerful, well thought-out search functionality (SOLR, Facets) and thanks to related articles at the bottom of each page, each reader is always offered content that is highly relevant to his or her visitor profile.

MVO inspiration mockup

Through "Inspiration" articles, visitors can discover beautiful practical examples, news, publications, columns and interviews. CSR related events can also be found in a handy agenda.

On the one hand, this content contributes to the awareness process and, on the other hand, readers are encouraged to become socially responsible themselves.

In addition, users can keep track of content in a bundle, which can then be saved/printed in a clear PDF document.


Extensive Mailchimp integration

An advanced link with MailChimp allows the administrators of MVO Vlaanderen to create newsletters with selected content from the Drupal website in a fast and easy way. The newsletter, which is automatically created in Drupal, is then delivered to the recipients of a CSR mailing list from MailChimp of their choice.

Continuous support

Even after delivery, Calibrate continues to provide support at various levels (new functionality, SEO evaluation and improvements) to ensure that the site is and remains a great success.

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