Everyone is entitled to sufficient opportunities to organize their lives themselves. Persons with disabilities can turn to the Flemish Agency for Persons with Disabilities (VAPH) for various forms of support. To help people with disabilities find their way through this support, VAPH wants a customer-oriented and inclusive website that is up-to-date and respects the necessary WCAG guidelines.



Migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10

VAPH wanted to renew the outdated version of Drupal using a full website migration. To make the migration process run smoothly, we took several actions. We successfully migrated thousands of website pages from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10. In that migration, it was crucial that no data was lost and all information had to be transferred accurately. We wrote migration scripts to help the client launch so that minimal manual actions were required.  And, the data structure was changed to a modern structure with the layout builder system.

Finally, we reported all internal and external links that appeared unreachable or non-existent after the migration. This allowed the client to easily and quickly adjust all links.

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Layout builder for ease of use for the content team

At the start of the project, VAPH indicated that with the paragraphs of Drupal 7, they were struggling to add content in an efficient way. The Drupal 10 upgrade allows us to introduce custom features that help the VAPH team manage content in an intuitive way. We are implementing highly flexible page construction and advanced menu dropdowns with layout builder. This gives the team more freedom and control over the page layout. So we migrated not only from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10, but also from paragraphs modules to a modern layout builder.


Inclusive website according to WCAG guidelines

To comply with WCAG guidelines, we conducted a thorough evaluation of the website and made the necessary changes to improve accessibility. There we focused on the accessibility of content, forms and navigation. To ensure WCAG compliance, an expert regularly scanned the pages for WCAF errors.


What else?

During the design phase together with UXMen, working closely with the VAPH team, we reworked several elements in multiple iterations. This allowed us to build a customized website that aligned with the VAPH's vision.

We also revamped the resource database. The aids database is an up-to-date database where you can find information about aids for persons with motor, visual, hearing or speech disabilities and for persons with cognitive disabilities or learning disabilities.

Finally, we gave the layout of the website a fresh look. This resulted in a modern and attractive design that better reflects VAPH's brand identity.


"The migration went super smoothly and was even finished much earlier than anticipated. Thanks to the layout builder, we now have many more options as a content team to publish our content attractively on the site."
Heidi Verhoeven

Flanders gains a modern Drupal 10 website

The end result is a website fully compliant with WCAG guidelines and the client's vision. Our layout builder has greatly improved efficiency and ease of use and reduced the team's workload. We are proud of the success of this project and look forward to continuing to support VAPH in achieving their goals.

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