Poolstok is the job platform for organisations in Flanders. Day after day, Poolstok is ready to offer its services to public institutions in the field of job search and vacancy matching.

For the new Jobpunt Flanders web platform an extensive link with the HRM system Carerix was provided. All data related to vacancies, documents, information about applicants, contact persons and partners are constantly exchanged between Drupal and Carerix. This happens in two directions. Because of the unique character and the high requirements, an out-of-the-box solution was not suitable and was specifically developed for Jobpoint via web services from A to Z. A separate interface was set up for easy creation and testing of new services. Detailed logs, automatic error reporting, strong integration with the Drupal Queue system was provided, as well as the possibility to exchange users between both systems and send complete files.

Jobpunt voorkeuren

Components (e.g. dropdowns, checkboxes) are given the Jobpunt house style and tabs are used. In this way, different steps are clearly split up.

Automatic mailing and job link

Users can opt to be kept informed of interesting vacancies. Characteristic of the new site is that users can select and specify a wide range of preferences for the job they are looking for. Each new vacancy is then individually checked per user and if there is a match, the user is automatically informed.
Reminder emails are also sent for unfinished applications for which the deadline threatens to expire.

Jobpunt person

Users central

Users are at the centre of the Jobpunt Flanders website. Extensive profiles and an ever-growing user base (currently +30,000) show that Drupal is perfectly scalable for such projects.