Scia and Calibrate started a long and close cooperation for the development of their new website. A Scrum approach was chosen in order to divide the complex project into manageable phases. We list the most important phases and functionalities for you:

  • Clear design and website structure that would correctly and intuitively display the complex product information.
  • Use of the Aegir platform in combination with Jenkins (Continuous Integration Server) to streamline deployment and testing.
  • Extensive integration with Lotus Notes where both systems receive and forward data, not only for content but also for users.
  • Synchronisation of Product info from the PIM
  • Extensive support for multilingualism with attention to the administrative aspect. Most editors are not technical profiles, so translators should be as simple as possible.
  • Complex (custom) workflow with revisions in which specific admins are automatically notified if content is given a certain status.
  • Secure downloading of files depending on the role of the user, as well as different access levels for content.
  • Extensive registration profiles for users.
  • Integration of SOLR for complex searches.
  • Custom tab system to display single nodes on multiple pages with their own path dynamically.
  • Integration of the Scia Portal, the ticketing system, into the website so that users can create tickets via the website instead of via email. Tracking, answering and adding tickets are also part of the requirements.

Manage website versions yourself

Simply put, Aegir is a system for managing your Drupal website(s). You can create new versions, duplicate websites and more.

In order to be able to easily set up test versions, extra websites and multiple platforms, as well as to manage updates, we chose to use the Aegir system in combination with Jenkins, a continuous integration server.

Lotus Notes

Extensive web services were written for the synchronisation of large amounts of data between Lotus Notes and Drupal. This not only made it possible to transfer data relating to content and users, complete files, webform submissions, etc., but also ensured correct mapping between the various ISO standards used by Lotus Notes and Drupal. This link was later applied to the Scia Portal, the company's own ticketing system. The exchange used to be based on email but is now fully integrated within the website and contains different levels of access based on the role of the user.

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