We breathed new life into Magcam's outdated Drupal 7 website. The challenge of this project was to make the intended design responsive and usable on different screens and browsers. Thanks to our technical expertise and years of working with Magcam, we were able to achieve a beautiful end result.

Drupal 7 website rebuild and upgrade

The Drupal 7 website we developed for Magcam seven years ago was in need of a refresh. Magcam is a high tech company offering a unique Magnetic Field Camera (Magcam) measurement system. Calibrate has been successful in building a high tech website for this high tech company.

We decided to make a fresh start with Drupal 9 and our Calibrate install profile. This profile contains a standard set of components that can be adapted and extended to suit the client's needs and was perfect for this assignment.

We made the estimate for the new site based on the old site and a single design of the homepage. This allowed us to give the client an initial budget. In the meantime, we kept in mind additional functionalities, which we would build as soon as new designs came in.  

The design of the homepage was created by an external party. What we immediately noticed was that it looked a bit like an offline print design. By this we mean that the design only worked for a fixed format. That doesn't exactly make it suitable for the different screens and browsers in our digital world. Just think of all the sizes of laptop screens and smartphones.  

It's up to us to make sure the design always looks great, whether you have an iPhone with Safari or surfing with Chrome on a laptop. 

Adjust where needed, keep what works

During the first meeting with Magcam, we immediately discussed the shortcomings of the design. Thanks to our long-standing collaboration, the client had confidence in our expertise and gave us the blessing to make our own adjustments to the design. The adjustments, always respecting the initial concept, brought the website closer to complete browser compatibility.

The development

The external party had not yet delivered all the designs. But in consultation with the client, we decided to start developing. Little by little, we transformed the concept into a fully-fledged website. The design was adapted here and there to suit different screen resolutions.  

We organized regular demos to show our progress and discuss different functionalities. 

New website with results

After a mere three months, Magcam enjoyed a fresh new website. We added numerous functionalities, of course. For example, Drupal 9 makes it very easy for Magcam's webmaster to add new content. Photographs and other visuals finally get a prominent place on pages and paragraphs.  

Magcam couldn't wait to get started with the new Web site. After years of working with outdated technology, adding content with brand-new tools and contemporary looks is a breath of fresh air. The improved technology - and looks - make adding new content child's play.  

Meanwhile, the project has been handed over to our support team and a blog functionality is in the pipeline as the first expansion. 

Are you also in need of a fresh new website?