The economic crisis of recent years has also affected young people among us, and this has not escaped the attention of the Party of European Socialists (PES). One in five young Europeans is unemployed and more than one in four runs the risk of falling into poverty and social exclusion. As a result, young people are increasingly turning their backs on Europe. To prevent the loss of an entire generation, the EAP set out the European Youth Plan, a youth plan that is close to the hearts of Europe's young people.

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The Youth Plan was given its own website, which was developed by Calibrate. In order to stay close to the young people's world, they also had to be able to easily deal with video content and provide close integration with social media platforms. The website was created in close cooperation with the client, and this at short notice. For a fortnight, one consultant went to work on site at the client's site, during which time he was responsible for both the design and development of the website. By working on location, it was also possible to continuously ping pong between Calibrate and PES, so that comments and adjustments could always be processed quickly. In this way it was possible to achieve an optimal result within the planned budget. Thanks to the close cooperation, the client was not faced with any surprises after the expiry of the deadline, because he always had the necessary overview and the necessary say during the construction process.

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As a result, the Youth Plan was given a multilingual site (English, French, German, Spanish and Italian), built in Drupal. Drupal's high level of accessibility and flexibility also allowed the client to easily create and translate new pages and, over time, add new languages to the site. More specific matters, such as the partner logos at the bottom of the website, can also be managed by the client. In addition, all tools are available for SEO optimisation, so that the website can always remain relevant in terms of search engine results.

The website itself served as a basis from which new features can easily be added. For example, the Youth Plan Action Day, the action day on which young people could make their voice heard throughout Europe, was launched and managed from the Youth Plan website itself. In this way, the client retains full control over these new features and can modify them as they wish. For example, specific news about this event will only appear on the Action Day page itself. In this way, Calibrate quickly built an efficient website that has everything to appeal to young people, and which can easily be taken into the hands of the client.

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