For more than 137 years, water-link has been providing your drinking water in Antwerp! That story begins in 1880, when Antwerp Water Works Cy Ltd saw the light of day. From our office in Antwerp, our colleagues also enjoy making sure that the online water-link experience is ideal for the citizen of Antwerp.

Water-link was looking for a new reliable partner for their current multilingual Drupal platform. The Drupal installation is built from core and custom Drupal modules with integrations to other platforms.
We delved into the issues with our experts and made the necessary improvements, with an updated design & draft.

From problem to stability

First of all, we performed a Drupal audit. This revealed the current status of the platform. The audit was done in 4 steps:


Intake meeting: during this first meeting the working method is clarified and the necessary single points of contact are indicated.


The necessary information and access is provided so that a local test environment can be set up.


Start of the effective audit is initiated. It looks at 3 aspects: technical architecture, Drupal configuration and the (custom) codebase.


Afterwards, a report is drawn up of recommendations with points for improvement and absolute must-do's on the as-is situation such as necessary security updates. We then present these to the necessary stakeholders.

The website was in a precarious state. After efficient code refactoring, we managed to ensure the stability of the platform.
Stef De Waele, tech lead
Stef De Waele

Did you know?

As a first step in the takeover process, critical issues are fixed so that the platform is stable to further evolve and improve. Among others, the SOAP link to SAP that was custom made, where their forms are sent to their CRM, needed extra attention in this phase.

Support mode

From this point on, our long-term collaboration continued under the agreed upon SLA and we are in full support mode.

Updated design and user experience

Of course, it doesn't stop there! 

Our UX team is not standing still either. A complete redesign and UX rework was performed.  

Initially, the multi-level menu bar was taken in hand to make it optimal for mobile use. This was worked out in wireframes that were validated with the necessary stakeholders.  

Improving the customer experience

If you want to improve the user experience, you first have to take a close look at the navigation. Therefore we made the different subdivisions simpler and always worked with a submenu. 

We also added an extra 'direct to' menu on the homepage, together with breadcrumbs on every page.


We also took care of the FAQ pages, making it easier for a customer to find an answer to his question. We did this by providing separate pages per question, an extensive search function specifically for faq items, better subdivision into different categories and providing a block where the customer can set which items should be in the 'Top most frequently asked questions'.

On top of that, we have reworked the overview of most downloaded documents to make it more user-friendly.

Waterlink mockups screens


A long-term partnership must be based on mutual trust in order to work together transparently and with a no-nonsense approach. That is why we will soon be performing a WCAG audit together with water-link, so that we can continue to optimize and ensure that user-friendliness increases.  

In the meantime, we are also discussing how we can further improve the cooperation by also placing the hosting part under the wings of Calibrate Group so that there is a single responsibility and water-link can be completely unburdened. 

We can be proud of the achieved result: now has a platform that is completely stable and up to date, with a better user experience. 

The collaboration between water-link and Calibrate is a great example of how one can continue to grow organically on a digital level so that the ease of use for website visitors and employees can be optimized.  

Op basis van kwantitatief onderzoek werd de structuur en het UX design van onze website aangepakt. De website ziet er frisser en luchtiger uit. Trots op het resultaat!
Annemie Van Dijck
Strategisch Marketeer

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