Pro-Duo is a European player in the market of hair and make-up products. We made sure that their digital presence made great strides forward.

Just before the launch of the new website, Pro-Duo's website was limited to publishing a monthly promotional leaflet in PDF format. Moreover, the website was not suitable for tablets or mobile phones. That's why Calibrate created a new website, which the marketing department of Pro-Duo can handle very smoothly with articles, blogs and products.


One codebase, multiple countries

Pro-Duo is active in Europe in five different countries, and it was a requirement that each country could manage its own content, with its own customer management, and its own newsletter module.

In order to make this possible, Calibrate created a system that allows the websites to be set up and technically managed via a common code base. However, each country has its own domain name, content and users. In this way we ensure that technical maintenance only has to be done centrally. Via an automatic test and deployment system, these updates are easily rolled out to the production environment.

ProDuo store locator

Convenient store locator

Each country also has its own convenient store locator. This allows you to search for the nearest Pro-Duo physical shop based on your location. Through an Open Layers integration one can search by municipality, postal code, or any other address parameter.

Editors can add, delete and customize shops in the backend interface.


Smooth integration with MailChimp allows visitors to any country site to subscribe to a newsletter. Each country manages its own subscriptions, and can send a newsletter to its subscribers via a handy WYSIWYG e-mail template. 

This makes creating and sending out newsletters a matter of minutes. A good example of the power of Drupal and integration with external platforms.

Ready for E-commerce

Currently, marketers can add promotions and products to Pro-Duo. Each product already has its own product sheet, where visitors can view details of the product. 

Drupal makes it possible to work in phases, as a result of which Pro-Duo first made the choice to invest in a product showroom, linking e-commerce in a later phase. The modular structure and technical approach of Calibrate makes it possible to spread out this investment.

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