The Department of Welfare, Public Health and Family was asked to build an installation profile for their future sites. An install profile can best be compared to a kind of template for a website. We developed a tailor-made profile for them that will serve as a basis for at least 4 sites. The main requirements were: rapid deployment, a large number of extensive features while maintaining sufficient flexibility and freedom for the admin to customise the site according to their own wishes and preferences.

Volksgezondheid checkboxes

For example, the Flandersheader and -footer, Google Analytics, document management system, slideshows, FAQs, events with registration management, etc. are set up during installation and prepared for immediate use, without the need for extra configuration. You can also choose to set up the site multilingual. Relevant translations are added automatically.

Welzijn implementatie

An in-house implementation of the Panelizer module ensures that editors-in-chief have a great deal of freedom in compiling pages. Several templates can be selected and blocks of content (panels) can be moved or assigned freely within these templates. We also provided customised defaults for the department, so that pages can be set up quickly with a minimum of effort.

Agile approach

Together with the client, we decided to apply the Agile working method, in which the client spreads a bundle of work points over several 'sprints', in order of importance. Throughout the entire project, the customer can therefore choose for himself what should be given priority. At the end of each sprint, he receives a complete finished product. A dynamic working method, and a big difference with the classic linear project approach.