Because the paper journal was about to disappear, needed a digital version of their magazine. Calibrate took up the challenge of creating a completely new and modern digital newspaper very quickly.

Scrum cycle

Due to the tight deadline, it was agreed to apply the scrum project methodology. Scrum is an iterative project approach that enables us to deliver projects in a very fast, transparent and efficient way.

User-friendly interface

Journalists working for the magazine Flows have no time to lose. So they want a simple user interface that allows them to work out their articles in a simple way. 

Therefore, just as with our other websites, we provided a very user-friendly backend. We always adapt the backend per project, in function of the built functionality and the technical knowledge of the final site managers.

Marketing & editorial best practices

Through our reference projects, Calibrate has a lot of experience in the field of digital newspapers. We translate this into an approach steeped in advice in marketing and technical advice.

Together with the client, we set to work to coach Flows in their new digital adventure.

Thanks to Calibrate, Flows has successfully launched its renewed digital platform.

The ability to manage the system ourselves, with a minimum of manual operations, was a must for us as a start-up.
Thanks to our support contract, it is also possible to call on Calibrate's expertise whenever we need it. Whether it concerns ad hoc questions or estimation of new investments, someone is always fully aware of our project.
BenoƮt Lebrun
Manager at Flows
Flows Benoit


In order not to deter existing Flows users, a way had to be found to convert existing customers to the digital way of working as simply as possible.

Flows wanted an advanced subscription management system with protected content for validated users. Calibrate therefore built a system where subscribers, subscription managers and webmasters each had their own rights and management options. Various forms of authentication were implemented.

Usage statistics

Since the launch of the new platform, Flows has proven to be a success. Since the go live, the number of newsletter subscribers has increased by more than 17%, to more than 10,000 unique e-mail addresses from professionals. 

Every month, more than 15,000 interested parties consume the articles on the Flows website, mainly during the working week, which once again shows that the audience is mainly among professionals.

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