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Did you know?

MyCompass is a digital guidance tool to support students in realising their professional dreams. Students and coaches are thus provided with the necessary tools to work out their own dreams and to focus on the actions needed to achieve them.

Digital strategy and design

Based on the specifications, we held the first workshops together with the client and joined forces.

Knowledge and understanding of the product vision
Working out a platform together is not only based on code and technology. It starts with empathy in the project. What are the ultimate objectives?
In a first workshop we asked a few open questions and soon we came up with ideas. These formed a broad basis of understanding with which we could lay the foundations.

Strategic and UX workshops
Empathy was followed by conceptual and strategic work.

  • How should a student be able to develop a dream?
  • How should a coach be able to support? What is coaching?
  • How will peers share content? And what can they share?
  • What does a showcase look like? What do you want to achieve with it?

On the basis of the wireframes and the visual concept, we were able to draw up a product backlog and a step-by-step plan. We also provided the corporate identity and visual elements.



During the first 3 sprints we worked out the MyCompass page. Here a student can create his dream and focus where necessary: draw up a schedule, work out action points and add self-reflection.

The route and their experiences along the way are displayed on the basis of posts.



The coach inspires and can react to the progress of his coachee on the basis of chat and comments.

To ensure that these chats reach the users in a smooth way, we use websockets. This advanced technique makes it possible to open an interactive connection between the server and the user's browser. As soon as someone sends a chat message, it is added in real time in the chat window of the recipient.


MyNetwork & MyShowcase

In the network section you can invite friends and follow each other's dreams and experiences through the popular social wall. Of course, you can also encourage or help your colleagues by posting nice comments!
As a user, you decide what you want to share and what you prefer to keep to yourself.

Finally, you can make a composition of the entire road you have travelled and open it up digitally to a company you apply to or use it for other purposes.

Take a look at Sigert's showcase for an example.

Pilot groups and testing

The phased delivery allowed the students to start creating the content before the full development was ready.

During this start-up of the various phases, only pilot groups were used. On the basis of limited numbers, we were able to test feedback and performance before fully launching the platform. With the cooperation of our colleagues from ScaleCity for the monitoring and the frequent use and feedback of the test groups, we dot the i's and ensure a high-performance and responsive web app.

With this project we also hope to contribute to the many dreams that hopefully may become reality. Good luck to all students!


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