Calibrate has been a welcome web partner at Medialaan since 2007. In close cooperation with 'de Studio' and in-house developers, we build and support websites, web applications and campaigns of the various Medialaan brands. Because Calibrate experts work on site in the Medialaan ecosystem, we join forces and together we achieve the breathtaking results that can be expected of a modern media house.

Below we give you a summary of our work.


Medialaan is proud of its brands. In addition to the well-known television channels, they also put a lot of effort into radio and other media.

Did you know?

Calibrate has an extensive arsenal of experienced experts. This enables us to always deploy the right people for the most diverse assignments.


Undoubtedly the strongest brand and flagship of the Medialaan family. VTM is a family channel with a high commitment to an active community. This includes a website that responds to the interaction with its viewers and offers interactive content. This website also contains a large amount of exclusive content that cannot be found on television: background information of fiction characters, exclusive behind-the-scenes images, and so on.

After a long collaboration for maintenance and implementation of competitions, campaigns, programme-specific pages and components, Medialaan entrusted us with the technical implementation of the new VTM house style.

What could we do for VTM?

Above all, we wanted to work efficiently and cost-effectively. That's why we largely retained the structure of the previous website when implementing the new house style. The new site did become fully responsive: the content now automatically adapts to the device used by the visitor. In addition, Calibrate developed an Electronic Program Guide that can be reused on each separate website.

Medialaan epg

Implementation of the EPG on the various platforms.


A transmitter for children from 2 to 12. Children will find relaxation thanks to safe, original and vibrant content.

What did we do for KZOOM?

In addition to the switch to the fresh VTMKZOOM house style, this website was also given a new, responsive layout. In this way, young visitors find their way through the site automatically with each device.

"Due to the varying workload, there are regularly times when the pressure on our own employees becomes too great. We are always happy when we can call on an excellent partner like Calibrate to relieve the burden on our shoulders. Whether it's a completely new front-end for the VTM site, a campaign site or a series of promotional mailings and banners, Calibrate has the right expert for all our needs. "

Veerle Tuypens

Head of the Studio at MEDIALAAN


2BE, now transformed and rechristened Q2, addressed young couples with a mix of spirited humour and tantalising action. 2BE had slightly more 'balls' than the other brands of Medialaan and this was also reflected in the website and campaigns.

What was calibrated at 2BE?

  • Maintenance of the website and front-end development of new components.
  • Bugfixing: several existing problems were identified and solved.
  • Creation of competitions and programme-specific content within the existing corporate identity.

DPG Media

The umbrella brand that houses all stations and radio stations.

What was our contribution?

  • Maintenance of the website and front-end development of new components.
  • Bugfixing.
  • Creation of campaign-specific content.
  • Maintenance of the intranet in a similar house style.

Calibrate provided...

  • Development of lightweight CMS that allows the press department to adapt texts easily and quickly.
  • Interface and design in collaboration with the Studio.
  • Responsive parallax.
  • Custom video player.