Today it is more important than ever to make your website and web app accessible to a very wide audience. You have to take into account people with a disability, but also very much take into account the context in which your online communication can be consulted.

WCAG Audit

We thoroughly screen your current website and present you with a full report that clearly shows the status of the accessible. 
With a concrete roadmap for WCAG compatibility.

WCAG consultancy

During the preparation and execution of a project we provide targeted advice.

Our WCAG experts help design, draft or develop your website or web app.

WCAG design & development

UX experts, web designers and developers form a team to make sure the execution of your project is WCAG compatible.

WCAG voor brede website toegankelijkheid

What is WCAG?

The WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) are a set of guidelines or agreements created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which aim to make digital channels (such as websites) more accessible and usable for their visitors. Since some 20% of the global population has some form of disability, it is crucial to take into account their browsing convenience as well.

WCAG perspective video's

Wondering why that's so important? These videos show how important accessibility is for all kinds of people in all kinds of situations.

What is the added value of a WCAG audit?

Calibrate of course offers support in making your website more accessible. Our team of WCAG experts will perform an audit of your current website. We will make a report that reveals the pain points for visitors with certain disabilities.
Furthermore a technical analysis will be made of which technical steps need to be taken in order to meet the set guidelines.

Did you know?

The WCAG guidelines are divided into 3 levels: Level A, Level AA (which is legally required by the government) and Level AAA, according to the impact of the guideline, into 4 principles: operable, perceivable, understandable and robust, and into 78 different criteria.

Teamwork leads to accessibility

To ensure that websites are ultimately WCAG compatible, all roles in a website project have a clear responsibility.

UX and web design

In the design phase it is important to already take into account some of these guidelines. Not only should there be enough color contrast between the text and background color, but also certain specific components should be designed such as transcripts for videos, animations and effects should be taken into account and it is essential to provide enough space between clickable components for mobile devices.

Web Development

It is the developers' job to ensure that most guidelines are met. They make sure that we website is structurally sound, that all clickable content can be reached with the keyboard, that screen readers read out the correct information and so on. It is their goal to apply the accessible design that is provided as best as possible so that all requirements are met.

Content management

The administrator's job is primarily to make the completed content accessible. They do this by, among other things, adding accurate descriptions to images, watching over the structure of titles in the free content fields, and ensuring that videos contain accompanying transcripts and subtitles. 

Need for support?

We are happy to help you with WCAG and anysurfer challenges.