Drupal's Open Source origins stimulate innovation in various applications. In order to continue to innovate within a fast-moving digital landscape and at the same time create a technically stable environment, a good company and team structure is needed. Today, Calibrate mainly focuses on innovation within the Drupal Experience Platform.

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Calibrate organises its investments in innovation and project optimisation in a structure of permanent working groups (taskforces). These are divided over a number of permanent internal themes and a set of constantly innovative, innovative themes. In this way, we ensure that we divide Research and Development between technically renewed research, and research that strives to ensure the greatest stability and compatibility.

Editing content from the front end

A good example of our Drupal innovation is the Paragraphs Frontend UI module. This allows fast content and layout changes to be made from the frontend of the website. 

Paragraphs is the standard for creating content in Drupal. Calibrate enriches this experience by adding contextual frontend editing. 
In this way, small or visual adjustments can be made more quickly.