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Drupal is a fantastic Content Management System used today by thousands of organizations around the world. Like us, they use it to create interactive, clear customer experiences.

Drupal is an Open Source CMF (Content Management Framework) supported by a huge software community, one of the largest in the world.

Through Drupal.org, the "core" is made available, but many developers contribute to thousands of Open Source contributed modules daily.

6 major benefits of Drupal


Drupal has no limits. With Drupal you can create a solution that combines standard modules with custom development. That way you can achieve the result you want in the best possible way.


Drupal is secure. There is a dedicated security team that ensures secure code. Drupal also covers the top 10 OWASP risks. The code is reviewed and improved daily by thousands of developers. Security updates are published regularly and ensure security.


Drupal is user-friendly. Drupal allows you to manage large amounts of content efficiently. So you can let your team loose on your website via workflows without worry.


Drupal is highly scalable. With Drupal we create websites that are always fast in all conditions. Via our Drupal platform we guarantee scalability and security. So your website grows with you.


Drupal Avoids Vendor Lock-in. With Drupal, you have a solutions in your hands that doesn't tie you to expensive licenses or Vendors that bind you via binding contracts. You have the freedom as a customer to go wherever you want.


Drupal fits into your existing Digital Ecosystem. Through the API-first architecture, you use Drupal as the central CMS for all your applications.

A bit of Drupal history

Drupal was originally developed as a message board by Dries Buytaert, a smart Belgian student. That was way back in 2001! When Dries made the code available to others, Drupal quickly gained traction in the developer world and became a product by and for people involved in content management. 

In two decades, Drupal has grown to become one of the largest Open Source communities and mature CMS platforms. 

Did you know?

The Drupal name is actually the result of a typo? Originally, Dries wanted to use "village" in his naming scheme first, but it accidentally became "Drop". The rest is history.

Drupal Experience Platform

The Calibrate Drupal platform provides the complete solution for creating the best online customer experience.

The open marketing strategy

The open marketing strategy ensures the best future-proof approach and flexibility

Drupal services

We offer website development in different forms and modes.

Drupal upgrades

There are several versions of Drupal and you can upgrade to higher versions.