Does your company need a branding refreshment? Designing a visual identity for your organization can be a real challenge. Calibrate helps you with all the aspects of creative branding.

Paint buckets


We determine a set of colors that will help define your brand. These colors are used in web design and all other digital design processes.



We define which fonts will be used, with an emphasis on usability for the internet. The combination and design of these fonts have a major influence on the readability of your digital presence.

Display case

Visual style

The whole has to take shape. And you can interpret that in the most literal sense of the word. Do you stand for fluid, rounded shapes, or does your brand need a sharp, defined visual style?

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Website design

Webdesign transforms the identity of your brand into a usable interface, that bears your stamp entirelyWe combine creative graphic design with our craving for the ideal User Experience.

The design features realistic textual content based on the content strategy. This gives you a fantastic preview of what your website will really look like.


Stijltegel Voorbeeld

A digital corporate identity

A digital corporate identity defines how all digital applications will work with your brand identity.

This way you can provide each graphic designer with a visual briefing, the result is always a graphic design that carries the same brand identity. The digital style guide provides a clear overview of your digital style at a glance.

Logo design

Based on a fixed number of iterative design moments, we bring your brand to life. We design a logo based on your DNA and the goals of your organization.

Logo design is a specialty and deserves specific attention. That's why we often make it into a separate process during our collaboration, so that there are separate feedback moments. 

RSCA placeholder smartphone

Mobile usability

Worldwide the number of smartphone and tablet users skyrocketed. When developing a new website, all these devices need to be taken into account. We talk about responsive web design when the website scales with the size of a screen, without sacrificing text readability or user interface usability. This provides the optimal user experience for a wide range of devices. Responsive web design is necessary to avoid losing visitors and conversions on your website.

As a digital agency we always ensure that the website is intuitive and user-friendly for all devices, smartphones, tablets and desktops. 

A broader approach

We offer our design services as part of developing websites and web applications.

User Experience design

Design should not only be beautiful, it should also deliver results: a better user experience and conversions.