As a Local Government, it is always an advantage to be as close to the citizen as possible. In this, it is interesting to inform citizens in a clear and transparent way about the services, benefits and rights available. Who can I turn to for day care and care of the elderly? Where can I go for cheap meals? Where can I go for cheap nappies? These are examples of questions where the Rechtenverkenner can provide you, the citizen, with answers.

To assist a Local Government, Calibrate, in collaboration with the City of Kortrijk, has developed a Rechtenverkenner product. This is based on the reliable open source CMS Drupal Platform used by many Local Authorities and the Flemish Government.

Open source

Drupal is a fantastic Content Management System used today by organisations all over the world. Like us, they use it to create interactive, clear customer experiences.

Initially, the Rechtenverkenner has a public section where you, as a citizen, can find the different products to which you are entitled. The products are categorised in a way a user can quickly find their way around. Do you wish to see all products related to "Health & Nutrition", for example? Through the Rechtenverkenner, you have an overview of all products in two clicks. The Rechtenverkenner features a search function with an automatic addition so a visitor can directly look up his product. Each product is provided with a detailed page where more information can be found about that product. 

As a resident of the municipality, you are not always entitled to all products and benefits. For example, certain benefits only apply if you belong to a certain income class. A clear questionnaire allows a resident to complete his personal profile anonymously. Based on this questionnaire, the products to which the citizen and his/her family are entitled are automatically calculated.


Secondly, the Rechtenverkenner has a logged-in section for municipal and CPAS employees in which data can be stored securely. As a CPAS and Local Government, you like to be in direct contact with your citizens to inform and help them through the logged-in section of the Rechtenverkenner. It is important to keep information about the family in question and the contact moments in a safe and orderly manner. Such that this can be further handled internally within the local administration. Based on the Drupal CMS, a Local Government can quickly and easily manage the product information at all times.

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