Anyone who has been online for longer than today with web projects, webshops or whatever, knows by now: data is invaluable for you and your company. After all, analyzing that data ensures that you get a perfect view on your Return on Investment (ROI) for your online campaigns, so that you can find out which elements score well and which part could be improved. In order to keep the results of all these measurements clear and understandable for our customers and to be able to present them visually, Calibrate recently started using Google Data Studio Dashboards. Since the beginning of April 2017, the beta version of the program is also available in Belgium.


With Google Data Studio you can collect data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Adwords and other data sources, in one easy-to-understand, and user-friendly report. When making this report you can decide which data you want to visualize and in which way (bar graphs, pie charts, other graphs). One of the big advantages of Google Data Studio is that the results are displayed in real-time in the dashboard. So the results are always up to date. Moreover, thanks to an extensive filter option, you can do efficient analyses. The dashboards are easy to share with colleagues or customers. Google Data Studio is made available to everyone free of charge.

Integration with Google Tag Manager

A few months ago we were already talking about Google Tag Manager, the free tag management service that allows you to easily place tags on your website without always having to go into the back end of your website. An efficient and handy tool, because it makes managing your tags much easier and it also speeds up the loading speed of your website.


Via Google Tag Manager you can set tags, including custom events, which allows you to analyze the movements of your visitors on your website in a much deeper way. To give you an example: you can use Google Tag Manager to track and analyze the number of clicks on a specific button. For example, if you have a button somewhere on your site that allows your visitor to contact you, you can keep track of how many clicks are made and also compare how often a contact form was actually sent to your website. This way you can analyze whether or not the effective threshold to contact you should be lowered. External link clicks, the scroll depth on a page, a newsletter subscription and much more can also be tracked via Google Tag Manager.

The results of these custom events can then also be processed in your Data Studio dashboard. In what way? Very simple! After setting your tags, this information is transferred to Google Analytics, and the Data Studio Dashboard then extracts this information from Analytics to the real-time dashboard.

Would you like to know more?

Would you like to learn more about the new Google Data Studio, so you can analyze your results in a convenient and readable way? Or are you curious what Calibrate can do for you using Data Studio? Just give us a call, and we'll explain how it works to you!