In recent years at Calibrate we have seen a lot of customers getting into trouble with their Drupal website. They often fail to elaborate their marketing ideas on the website, which completely undermines the purpose of Drupal. After all, a good Drupal website is the ideal tool to support your online presence every day. In most cases, these problems are due to choosing a partner who does not have the right technical baggage on board, and therefore does not really have Drupal knowledge. 

But how should you proceed with your Drupal site?

Technical checkup

The first thing you want to know is whether your Drupal site really is such a disaster. Drupal is a powerful system that consists of a core with modules around it, each of which has its own specific task. An experienced Drupal developer knows better than anyone which modules to choose and especially how to combine them into a coherent whole. 

By delving into the code, we can determine how healthy your site is and which issues, if any, need to be rectified to make it usable.

Drupal bedrijven

Make your site manageable

A Drupal site offers so many powerful tools for our clients to manage their own content. Whether it's text, images, video or full pages, Drupal is the tool of choice. Unfortunately, we see that some companies sometimes have a Drupal site developed in which the developer does not take this premise very seriously, and ultimately saddles the client with a site where he himself can hardly modify anything.

Our motto is "Empower the client". We always ensure that our clients can easily manage all content on the website.


Drupal is an information system like any other, which means that it evolves and is kept up-to-date. The good news: there is a real worldwide online community active that releases free updates for you. Your Drupal supplier should be able to easily apply these updates to your site.

The bad news: this is often forgotten or considered unimportant by other suppliers. The result is often a Drupal site that is unsafe and can easily fall prey to hackers. 

So make sure your Drupal site is up to date at all times by working with a good company. 

Do you also urgently need help with your Drupal site?