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Buzz buzz buzz!

Buzzwords are hot in digital marketing. They are used so often that even the people who use them rarely fully understand what they mean. The difficulty lies in the fact that buzzwords often distract attention from what the real intention is.

That's why it's important to understand what these mythical words mean, and how you can use them practically to make a difference. In this article we try to break through the buzz.


The word algorithm in recent years has been trending within different contexts. Sometimes one talks about Google's search algorithm, but it can also be about the algorithms that social media channels use, or even about your own personalization algorithms.

An algorithm is simply a formula, or a set of rules, that determine which content is shown to which target group in which way.

Google and Social Media are some of the largest digital marketing platforms on the market, so a good knowledge of their internal algorithms helps us choose the right marketing strategy.

But also your own personalization strategy is based on an algorithm. And that can be very simple, or super complex. Here too it is very important to determine the right strategy.

Robot automation

Machine learning

The term Machine learning is as popular as cryptocurrency ever was. It is an alternative way of processing data with artificial intelligence, and is gaining a lot of share in digital marketing. We train an algorithm to process large amounts of data in order to be able to draw conclusions much faster.

Omni channel

The buzzword omnichannel has been around for years, yet it reappears every year in articles like this one. It is and remains super relevant within digital marketing, but we still notice too often that it is considered a hollow concept. To understand it, we simply split up the word:

  • Omni: all, everything an omnivore = who eats everything;
  • Channel/channel: means to bring or drop something somewhere. We can sell the product via the following channels: via the Internet, in stores and on the market.

Combine both words, with your image of marketing, and you'll understand the picture... Omnichannel is simply the whole process where a marketing objective uses all the different channels in a uniform way to reach its goal.

Business presentation

Customer journey

By customer journey we mean all the points of contact that a potential customer has with your company, before entering into conversion.

By getting in touch with you through different channels, your potential customer will form a picture of your product or service. That image will determine his final decision.

There are so many different points of contact (social media, the company website, newsletter, customer reviews, influencers, ...) that a good customer journey can make the difference between the choice for your company, or the competition.


It sounds very logical that your product or service should be customer focused. But the fact that a buzzword as a Customer-centric continues to exist shows that there are still difficulties.

It's important to understand how your customer thinks, and to set the right priorities in order to respond to this in a customer-focused way.

A good preliminary process provides the necessary insights and figures to adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

Renew your growth strategy

Does your marketing strategy deliver what you want? Is it time to think about your digital strategy and take a closer look at a number of things?

We are happy to help you with a concrete digital scan to make your marketing approach work better for you.