Growth and conversion as main focus

Our strategic approach is always looking for growth potential. For each organisation, we analyse the wishes regarding conversion and work purposefully towards results.

A strategy tailored to you

We deliver a strategy that can immediately be translated into reality. When designing the strategy, we do that with your situation in mind regarding technical reality, planning and budget.

Human contact via workshops

During the strategic phase you will receive personal advice and you will come into contact with strategists who will be happy to give you honest and transparent expert advice.

Data as main progress driver

We mould your business objectives into a digital strategy with measurable Key Performance Indicators, which are used by marketers as an important tool.

The road to a clear digital strategy

A digital strategy must be comprehensive. You can't do half a job. Here are some crucial points of attention to achieve the best digital strategy.


Define clear goals

From our experience, many organizations find it difficult to set clear goals. We help our clients through KPI workshops, helping them to visualize and concretise their goals.


Data is important.

Data is King. That may seem trivial, but it is incredibly important to collect insightful data about your target group, the performance of your digital platforms and, above all, your own organisation. We do this by configuring and improving existing analytics and centralising and analysing this data.


Know your target audience.

Market insight is hugely important for any business and that is no different for you. By means of target group research and organizing focus groups, Calibrate helps you to find out how your target group behaves digitally.


The right message in the right format.

If you know your target group, you can use the content and media strategy to determine which message you will bring and which communication channels to use. This increases the "reach" of your message on all digital channels.


Creativity, innovation and know-how.

Digital marketing is evolving rapidly. Creativity goes hand in hand with innovation to make the difference compared to your competitors. You also need a clear technical choice and platform to realise your ambitions.

Magnifying glass podium

Request your digital scan

Curious about what can be done better on your website? Request your first digital scan now and take the first step towards a sustainable growth strategy.

Calibrate was always open to discussion, new suggestions or changes, both during the strategic process and during the various development phases. Moreover, they always looked for feasible solutions taking into account the budget and tight timing.
Margit Bal
General Director Herita
Margit Bal
CarFreeDay Leuven

Interested? We help you grow with a sustainable digital strategy.

Calibrate Gent

A broad strategic team

At Calibrate you'll find digital strategists who know all the important aspects of a digital user experience like the back of their hand.

  • Growth architects
  • Digital Marketing Strategists
  • Technical platform architects

We investigate facts through research methods and define a strategic approach to achieve your goals.