Can you build a webshop in Drupal?

Of course! A lot is possible in a Drupal website, everything is customizable. We know that from our own experience. You can do anything with it.  

But not everyone can do this just like that, you need to be a Drupal expert or even a Drupal Commerce expert to be able to start using it. 

What is Drupal Commerce?

Drupal Commerce is a webshop framework within Drupal. This framework offers building blocks to build a commerce solution, fully customized to the needs and wishes of our customers.  

We do this by using Drupal entities as products. These products can have variations and properties. Just as you can get started with other content in a CMS, you will now be able to use products as web content. This is what makes Drupal Commerce so powerful: the ability to do product marketing in all ways.  

"Think about your platform choice before you start!"
The choice of Drupal Commerce is based on the fact that you would like to expand into personalization & marketing automation and you don't want any limits on the expandability of your sales platform.
Stef De Waele
Stef De Waele
Drupal 10

Drupal commerce 7, 8, 9 or 10?

The Commerce tilt in Drupal 7 is called Commerce 1, it had many standard modules. For the webshops in Drupal 8, 9 or 10, Commerce 2 is used. This is a totally new webshop platform. New functionalities are added continuously. Commerce 2 is very powerful, it is architecturally built in such a way that it is easy to fully tune to business processes and flow.

Why should I choose Drupal commerce?

A Drupal Commerce webshop can be perfectly integrated in existing Drupal websites. So we build on the same base. If you are already working with Drupal today, it's a big plus since you are already used to it and can continue working in the same system. "If you can already work with Drupal then you certainly can with Drupal Commerce!", are you already a customer with us or are you already working with Drupal today? Then let us know now!  

Stef, our lead developer, gives another very interesting tip as to why you as a marketer or communications manager should choose a Drupal webshop: 

 "Do you want one integrated platform of which e-commerce is a part, where you have integrated a full marketing automation suite and want to continue the integration with an e-commerce? Then Drupal commerce is the best choice!  

This way you can work with your marketing and communications department to integrate the capabilities of Drupal Commerce into your marketing automation platform." 


What is the difference between Drupal Commerce and other Drupal platforms?

There is actually no difference, you always start from a Drupal website. You then connect modules so that e-commerce can be set up. You actually expand your existing CMS through those modules to a Drupal Commerce.  

This also means that if you want a webshop, you also have a CMS. This is what makes Drupal Commerce so interesting for you as a communication or marketing manager since you can show your products in a centralized platform through content creation and strategy. The conversion / transaction takes place through the content strategy that you use so your website visitors are guided in a logical way in their journey to a purchase. This is where we make the difference if you work with Magento, for example, where the CMS component is much more limited.  

What are the options?

Below, our experts briefly answer some of your pressing questions:


Als je een betaling wilt doen, gaan we integreren met een payment provider, zoals Mollie. Wij zijn Mollie partner, en grote fan. Maar het is mogelijk om met eender welke online betaalplatformen te koppelen. 

Wat is de beste betaalmethode?

Dit hangt uiteraard vanaf welke soort betalingen je wenst dat je bezoekers kunnen doen. Vaak merken we uit onze huidige use cases dat Mollie de voorkeur geniet om dat er veel betaalmethodes mogelijk zijn. 

Personalization can do that too?

Yes. It would just be a very big advantage to choose a Drupal Commerce if you are doing marketing automation and/or working on personalization. This way you can push specific products to the end user depending on his browsing behavior which you will catalog into segments. Read more about this on our DXP page.

Kunnen we een account toevoegen zodat gebruikers hun bestelling kunnen checken?

Of course! If you are logged in, you can view and adjust your order status.  

Again, Drupal Commerce is strong in customization. For example, we can make it possible for orders to be approved by administrators. We do this for example at Cyclobility, an online lease platform for bicycles. 

Transportation capabilities with Drupal Commerce (shipping method)

Here we use the same principle as with payments. In Belgium, the connection with Bpost is often set up. But of course everything is possible.

Subscription can you do that too?

Yes, at one of our clients (OKV) we enabled this so that member tracking was easy. In addition, a "recurring" payment module is also provided in Drupal Commerce itself.

Are all your pressing questions already answered and want to fly in?

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