MS-League Flanders vzw was founded in 1982 and focuses on the general welfare of people with MS and the people around them. The optimal quality of life is central to this. The organization consists of a close-knit team of permanent staff and volunteers.  

In addition to the main website of MS-League Flanders, MS-League Flanders also has a platform that simplifies the administration of members and donations: Together MS-League Flanders. Until recently, only the staff and volunteers of MS-Liga Flanders used it. Until recently, because ... we ensured that this online platform is now the place to be for everyone who wants to fight for a better quality of life for people with MS. 

Online platform in an up-to-date jacket

For years, the existing digital tool was only used internally and has become outdated. The tool could use a refresh in terms of appearance, but also the user-friendliness did not meet current expectations. In addition, we ensured that the security is up to date with the current GDPR legislation. 

Another challenge was to make the platform accessible to an external audience. The end user will not only do internal administration anymore, but will also contribute to digital donations and campaigns of the non-profit organization.  

Members will have access to the website, making membership an important pillar. MS-League Flanders wants to give end users the opportunity to create a profile on the new platform and to manage their data. The user experience of members is central here. 

CRM stands for "Constituent Relationship Management." The purpose of a CRM is to optimize your membership management as much as possible. This is done by storing your member data centrally. Also all key interactions with your members are stored and centrally displayed in the contact sheet.

CiviCRM is completely Open Source, which means you are not tied to any closed source vendor and can therefore fully benefit from the advantages of Open Source-software.


Upgrade to Drupal 8 while retaining CiviCRM

For this project, our developers started from an existing Drupal 7 CMS/CRM. Since MS League employees are happy with the way their CRM works, we mutually chose to keep the integration with CiviCRM. As a new CMS system, the preferred choice was Drupal 8.  

The advantage of Drupal as a CMS system is the flexibility to manage pages. This allows the editorial team of MS-League Flanders to independently add, modify and temporarily or permanently remove content.  

Our migration plan for MS-Liga

To ensure a smooth transfer from the existing platform to the new website, a thorough migration plan was drawn up by our developers. In the process, the hosting was also transferred. To ensure a successful transition, we took the following features into account: 


Taking over the current website Drupal 7 & CiviCRM  


Upgrade of current website (security updates and GDPR)  


Transfer CiviCRM platform to Drupal 8 while retaining existing data  


Integration digital donations & campaigns  


Membership integration  


Integration user profiles  

Online platform for MS-League Flanders and members as a result

The internal staff of MS-League Flanders vzw can continue to work with the CRM they are familiar with, but in a safer and more user-friendly way.  

With the added bonus that the platform is ready for a digital future. Online donations, gifts and campaigns can be registered via the tool. In addition, the new platform also allows end users to manage their profile and membership.  


Is your online platform also in need of a digital transformation?  Contact us and let one of our specialists support you!