Openbaar Kunstbezit Vlaanderen (OKV) offers exciting and varied art and heritage news in the form of a magazine. The OKV publishes an art magazine six times a year to make public heritage and art in Flanders known to a wide audience. In addition, new in-depth pieces on art and heritage appear weekly on the website. 

Over the past 50 years OKV has permanently surprised generations of art lovers with many hundreds of articles about artists and artworks, museums and exhibitions. OKV subscribers have free access to this treasure trove via the website. 

Challenges and solutions

The OKV magazine is very popular, has been for a long time. OKV wants to continue that success digitally as well. The goal of the new website is to convert as many visitors as possible into subscribers. The content and structure of the website therefore had to encourage action as much as possible and facilitate the process of subscribing.

A number of KPIs were the focus:

  • A proven technology for years to come
  • More opportunities for visitors and members
  • Improve User Journeys and make the process of subscribing easier
  • A greatly improved user experience
  • Optimize administrative and content management

Through a new Drupal website, it is now easy to create new content to offer interesting content about art: articles, exhibitions... the art must be visually central. Content is king. The new branding takes care of that perfectly.

Moreover, visitors and members can also make online purchases. On the one hand there is of course the membership but OKV also sells separate products.

For that we deploy a Drupal Commerce together with a powerful CiviCRM that makes member management very easy.

Startup 2


The best way to sell online.

Digital customer journey


Member management through a powerful Open Source CRM system.


Result: a high-performance, user-friendly website

After a test period and the input of content (many magazines and their articles had to be transferred manually) the new OKV website went live. A high-performance, user-friendly and beautiful website! The right elements immediately catch the eye without compromising on clarity.


Visitors can easily subscribe and find articles from the various editions. Related articles are shown, allowing a visitor to feed their interest even more. 

The webshop flaunts itself in the navigation menu so that books or other articles can easily be purchased online. Visitors can also reach information about the various museums and exhibitions via the menu. An up-to-date overview of which museums are currently open contributes to the good user experience. 

According to OKV, the backend interface from our Digital Experience Platform is a big improvement over the old website. The different information is easy to enter and adjust as needed. The webshop and its reports are tailor-made for OKV. They have exactly the right possibilities and information that matters. No superfluous functionality and cluttered reporting.


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