Since 1899, Vandemoortele has been a food company with Belgian roots and a long tradition of entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Vandemoortele is present in 12 European countries and in the United States with its own sales organizations and/or production sites and employs 5,100 people. Outside Europe, Vandemoortele products can be found from Africa to Japan and from Australia to the United States.

A delicious taste, in your kitchen, at the table and on the road. Vandemoortele strives to make eating a daily pleasure for people. From breakfast to dinner, from healthy lunches to pampering moments. 

Vandemoortele Bakkerij

Vandemoortele Corporate Platform

The Drupal Corporate business-to-business (B2B) platform informs the user about the various brands, news items and products within the Vandemoortele Group.

The visitor can find the complete Corporate product range there. Linked to this are delicious recipes that can be prepared with these products.


Importing products with PIM

The Vandemoortele Corporate Drupal Platform was interfaced with Vandemoortele's Product Information Management (PIM) platform. This is Vandemoortele's central product system in which all product information is centrally managed. This product information is imported into Drupal so that a marketer can use this information to create an information product page.

Recipes are put in the spotlight by means of inspirational pages. The marketer and web editor can build these thematic pages using reusable blocks (Drupal paragraph elements) in which they have the freedom to build pages using images, videos, banners, CTAs and other blocks.

Bakkerij Producten

Strategisch UX & Design traject

For the realization of the product pages, Calibrate was responsible for the elaboration of the structure and layout of the product pages.

Together with Vandemoortele, we thought strategically about how the information and navigation architecture should best be built in order to guide the visitor through the product range as quickly and efficiently as possible. Each country was given its own category structure and user-friendly search pages were built to search through the assortment.

Maximum focus was placed on accessibility and conversion during the realization of this project. 

Did you know?

The Drupal CMS is built on the API-first principle. The CMS data can be exported to other external systems using RESTful web services. It is also possible to import data from other systems into the Drupal CMS. For example, Drupal can be linked to PIM, ERP and CRM systems such as Salsify, Microsoft Dynamics, Mediahaven, SharePoint, etc.

Vandemoortele Contact

Contact Vandemoortele

Through the Drupal Corporate platform, the visitor has the possibility to contact Vandemoortele. Calibrate thought UX, Design and Technical structurally about this step-by-step form. The form is dynamically built based on the country and market the user selects filling out the contact form.

Programmatically, the form is tied to Vandemoortele's external SAP C4S system. All data entered into the Drupal CMS is forwarded to this platform. As a result, the contact lead ends up with the sales contact person of the selected country and market.

Language Switcher Vandemoortele


Vandemoortele is active in several countries. Linked to that, Vandemoortele needs to inform the website visitor in different languages. The Drupal CMS can be configured to translate a page into one or more languages. By means of a language selection overlay, the visitor has the possibility to change the language.

The close cooperation with Calibrate allowed us to tackle a lot of complexity on our various Drupal platforms. From the very beginning, they have been proactive in thinking about our choices and challenging us, often resulting in new insights and a better end result.
Jan Van der Helst
Vandemoortele Familie

Branded Multisiteplatform

In addition to the Corporate Drupal Platform, Vandemoortele has a second Branded Multisite Platform. This Drupal Multisite Platform houses the various Direct-To-Consumer (B2B) sites in which Vandemoortele informs the end customer about a specific brand and their products.


What is a Drupal Multisite platform?

The essence of a Drupal multisite is that multiple websites are combined in the same Drupal installation. Instead of one site, you have a collection of websites that are created, managed, deployed and updated from one place because they share one codebase. They have different web addresses and may also differ in nuances depending on your needs.


Ollie, your personal oil guide

Through Ollie, your personal oil guide, a step-by-step plan is used to find the most appropriate oil based on several questions.

A cold dish, a marinade or a hot dish? Ollie guides you through the search for the perfect oil.

Calibrate thought along strategically how this oil guide could best be developed in terms of structure and design. So we devised a step-by-step process in which the user is asked various questions in order to discover the most ideal oil for his dish.

This oil guide was completely custom written and can be adapted in the Drupal CMS by Vandemoortele.


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