We received a challenging assignment from Vandemoortele within their Branded Multisite platform. This time we were asked to create a unique website for their brand Doony's, known for their delicious donut assortment. The goal was to create a creative and imaginative design that completely immerses visitors in the fantasy world of Doony's.

Doony's design

Creative design

Naturally, we took on this new challenge with great enthusiasm. We developed a colorful, playful and creative design that fits perfectly with the cheerful and imaginative world of Doony's and their brandbook. Every element of the website, from the visuals to the navigation, is designed to take the visitor on an enchanting journey.

For each page, it is also possible to personalize the design a bit. Mainly the header is page specific some customizable according to design, accents & colors.

Integrated into the Multisite platform

In addition to the striking design, we ensured that the website seamlessly integrated into Vandemoortele's existing multisite platform. This meant we were able to use the code and functionalities already in place, which was not only cost-effective but also ensured a consistent user experience across all brands.

Moreover, this also allowed us to integrate Vandemoortele's PIM (Product Information Management) system quite simply so that product information could be easily managed and synchronized. This PIM is Vandemoortele's central product system in which all product information is managed centrally. The product information is imported into Drupal so that a marketer can use this information to create a product page easily and with the correct data.

Donut day

Extra special Donut Day 2024 in France

For 2024, in partnership with Armée du Salut, Doony's is going to make Donut Day an even more spectacular day. Festivities will be organized throughout France to celebrate this special day. In addition to enjoying delicious donuts, visitors can participate in various activities and events set up especially for the occasion.

This collaboration underscores Doony's commitment to not only providing tasty treats, but also making a positive impact on the community. 

The story is not yet at an end

The results are certainly worth noting. The new Doony's website is not only visually appealing and user-friendly, but also brings Doony's fantasy world to life. We are proud of the result but this is not yet the end for Doony's. Together with Vandemoortele we are looking at optimizations and extensions, this story is certainly not over yet. and look forward to future collaborations with Vandemoortele to realize even more inspiring and innovative projects.


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