Calibrate developed a knowledge portal for the Flemish government's Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. The digital platform offers information to both citizens and professionals about insights concerning agriculture and fisheries in Flanders. The challenge is to open up an enormous amount of information to both citizens and professionals.

Sustainable agriculture, horticulture and fisheries policy in Flanders

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries is the competent minister's preferred contact for the development of a proactive, integrated and sustainable agriculture, horticulture and fisheries policy in Flanders.

In other words, a large package of tasks. To give you an idea:

  • They are responsible for agricultural rural policy.
  • They consult with the sectors concerned.
  • They provide management support and technical services.
  • They help develop the policy, take care of the preparation, sometimes the execution, as well as the evaluation of the policy.
  • ...
Thema's landbouw en visserij

Order and structure: devising the information architecture

All data is made accessible by means of thematic subdivisions and concepts. In the preliminary phase, we mainly dealt with the structure of the enormous amount of data. 

We did this in several workshops. Together with the various stakeholders, we discovered the most important concepts. We then convert these concepts into new structures and we visualize the structures for the Department team.

The visualization of this structure gets a rough shape in the first wireframes and information overviews. These wireframes are discussed with the stakeholders in several workshops and adjusted. 

WCAG voor brede website toegankelijkheid

Website accessibility for all

Calibrate ensures that every visitor can visit the website in their own way. From the start of this project, every visitor was taken into account. The goal was to make the website as compatible as possible with the WCAG 2.1 standards.

At each user story throughout the project we verify the WCAG level so nothing is overlooked. From experience with different websites that are accessible to every visitor, including the Flemish Parliament, we create a workable quality control.

Landbouwcijfers grafiek

Spotfire for data visualization

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries chose Spotfire as a visualization tool to present their numerical data. 

This tool gives the ability to build and manage visualizations in the Spotfire interface. Thus, web editors can very easily load dashboards into the website and further manage them with some custom settings. Available settings of Spotfire are for example displaying a legend, exporting a graph or figure, ...

Smart Search

In order to find information faster, a lot of attention was paid to the search engine on the website. We developed pre-programmed overviews that work with different filters. These filters can be fully managed by the Department as desired. The general search function was developed with several features:

  • Autocomplete
  • Suggestions
  • Synonyms
  • Filters based on searches

Result: New website for Agricultural Figures

Agriculture in Flanders has traditionally had a family character and is characterized by a great diversity of sectors. Intensive sectors make up the bulk of agriculture in Flanders: pig, poultry and dairy farming, fruit and vegetables, ornamental plant cultivation.


Result: New website for Fisheries Figures

Today, economic and social sustainability must go hand in hand with ecological sustainability. Marine fisheries must take into account changing fish stocks, in terms of volume but also composition. The Common Fisheries Policy sets the contours for the sector and the annual quotas determine the fishing opportunities. 


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