The National Institute for the Social Security of the Self-Employed (NSSO) protects the social status of self-employed entrepreneurs - from the creation of their business until after their retirement - and thus contributes to their social and economic well-being. With, the NSSO wants to inform the self-employed well about their rights and obligations. And to offer a first answer to all questions the self-employed (may) have.

The National Relief Fund is the social insurance fund of the NSSO, one of the various social insurance funds known in Belgium, alongside for example Xerius, Liantis or Acerta. The difference is that self-employed persons or companies who do not voluntarily join a social insurance fund and have not chosen another social insurance fund within the time limit imposed on them are automatically affiliated with the National Auxiliary Fund. wants to provide information and advice and offer all kinds of (application) forms that self-employed persons or companies may need.





Both sites had been built in Drupal 7, a version that was about to go End-of-life. So from a security perspective, it was important to get the sites running on a higher Drupal version in a timely manner. Drupal 9 was chosen, at that time the most recent (and stable) Drupal version. Since there is no easy update from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9, this meant rebuilding the sites.

We analyzed the existing websites. RSVZ wished to keep all the functionalities of the websites. This presented a challenge since Drupal 9 works fundamentally differently from Drupal 7 in some areas. Web forms are a good example.

RSVZ is consciously working to improve the user experience of the website. Building a new website was a great opportunity for them to implement additional optimizations in terms of user experience, in addition to refreshing the design. They had a UX audit performed and this resulted in a proposal for the new site in the form of wireframes.

Furthermore, web accessibility was an important pillar. The website had to be easily usable by everyone. Think of the visually impaired or blind, but also, for example, people with limited hand function or limited reading skills.

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Refresh of the design

Based on the supplied wireframes, we created a refreshed design, taking into account the existing corporate identity. During the design process, we kept a close eye on color contrast so that users with visual impairments can use the website smoothly. We defined a set of additional spot colors so that webmasters have a palette available to create additional layouts.

Due to the major differences between Drupal 7 and Drupal 9, the migration of the websites and was not always straightforward. An accessible and transparent communication with the Calibrate team, hands-on approach and constructive thinking with us on the more challenging issues were the common thread in our cooperation.
Sofie Jacobs

Construction of the website

We rebuilt the existing functionalities and added Layout Builder and a more user-friendly search.

Powerful and user-friendly search function

We designed and integrated a search function with an enhanced user experience. Once the user types a word into the search field, a preview of all content containing this word comes up promptly. So the user can go straight to the right content in one click, without first landing on a search results page.

The search box can contain fixed search terms. Webmasters can find out in analytics which terms are searched most often and add them as fixed search terms. Users looking for these terms don't even have to type them, easy right?

Easily share news between websites

Certain news is often relevant on both and Nationale We integrated a solution where news from can easily be redirected to the site of Nationale Hulpkas. In the backend, a checkbox was provided on the news nodes that determines whether the news item is copied to the site of Nationale Hulpkas. Every fifteen minutes, a cron job runs that ensures that all nodes for which this checkbox is checked are actually copied to the National Relief Fund site. This checkbox saves the webmasters a lot of time because they only have to create the articles in one place.


The result is impressive! Two fresh multilingual Drupal 9 websites, which, due to their shared code-base, require less maintenance than two sites that are separate.  

By choosing to integrate Matomo, the websites have a GDPR-proof alternative to Google Analytics. Choosing to integrate Matomo instead of Google Analytics makes the websites more compliant with GDPR regulations.

The webmasters have great flexibility in the layout, allowing them to briefly respond to the needs of their organization and target audience now and in the future.

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