TVH is a global player for parts for forklifts, industrial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery. An international company of this caliber is always looking for talent. Thinkers, as well as doers! 

To properly profile themselves in this war for talent, we built them a state of the art career website, linked to their internal SAP systems and available in 5 languages and, in the future, in the official language of more than 18 countries. 

TVH carrièrewebsite

Customer request

In just two months, we went through a full analysis, developed the website, performed User Acceptance Testing and went live. Such a tight deadline requires utter concentration and close collaboration.  

In this war for talent, you have to pull out all the stops as an employer. What used to work doesn't catch on with the new generation of job seekers. So to hold its own, it was necessary to scrutinize the former website.  

The things we could optimize turned out to be the classics:  

  • The website lacked persuasiveness 
  • The careers site was no more than an extract of the SAP system 
  • Too little flexibility and no tracking capabilities 
  • Not scalable towards the future 

That was the situation as it was. Together with TVH, we developed a site that met the following issues: 

  • A website focused on the applicant. It's all about the candidate 
  • A personalized approach where applicants are shown jobs from their own region in their own language 
  • Employer branding with information about TVH, the departments and a FAQ 
  • Conversion-oriented
flow tvh

We subjected the provided design to a detailed technical analysis. We matched the design to the possibilities of Drupal and looked at possible links with their SAP. Where necessary, we made adjustments to the design.

Drupal allows you to work efficiently and cost-effectively. We build content blocks so that they are consistently deployed and effortlessly reused on multiple pages.  

We proposed the use of DXP to ensure maximum scalability in the future. After all, you can quickly add new features and services to a DXP. That makes it future-proof. 

TVH is an international organization. That means there are many stakeholders involved in every project, especially a career website. Combine that with the tight deadline, and the need for close collaboration became clear. Our PMs take the bull by the horns and maintain a helicopter view during sprints. They capture and filter all the information appropriately and determine the next action items. This manifests itself in a tight agile way of working: 

  • Elaboration in 2 sprints of 3 weeks with a daily stand-up 
  • Extra power to the team (1 tech lead, two front-enders, 1 back-ender, 1 tester) with the goal of faster and better delivery with less QA at the end.  
  • Short communication line with the customer 

We made our own optimization proposal towards job filtering. Initially, the customer had proposed to have the filter switch with each click. However, from previous experience, we felt that it could be more user-friendly. Therefore, we proposed to let the users first choose some parameters and then see only the results that met these conditions. 



We proudly present the result of our project for TVH: a state of the art Drupal 9 DXP website with content in 5 languages, an active link with their internal SAP system and fully SEO-proof anno 2023. It was a challenge to realize all this in just two months, but thanks to our close collaboration with TVH and our agile way of working, we successfully completed it. The new website is applicant-focused and offers a personalized approach where applicants are shown jobs from their own region in their own language. It is a conversion-oriented website that combines employer branding with an optimal user experience. By implementing Drupal and DXP, the website is future-proof and scalable into the future. 

Now that the project was successfully completed, we are switching to support mode to ensure that the website is always available and functioning correctly. We offer 24/7 global support as TVH is an international organization and the website is available in 5 languages. 

Another step in the development of the website is authentication via Forgerock SSO, which will make it easier for users to log in and have a more personalized experience. 

In addition, in the second half of 2023, the website will be unlocked on a new SAP platform within TVH, replacing SuccessFactors. This will have a direct impact on the career website and we will ensure that it continues to function seamlessly and is fully integrated with the new SAP system. In short, we will continue to work closely with TVH to ensure that the website continues to meet their needs and the demands of the future. 

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