The Onze-Lieve-Vrouwziekenhuis is known throughout Belgium. Everyone can go there for a wide range of medical consultations, examinations, interventions, treatments and aftercare. The offer is spread over three campuses, in Aalst, Asse and Ninove. With 959 beds and more than 90,000 admissions per year, OLV Hospital is one of the largest non-university hospitals in Flanders. 

The previous website was already several years old. Although it was still functional, it no longer met today's requirements in terms of user experience, security and design. We developed a new website for OLV Hospital, with an emphasis on user friendliness and a smooth management experience. 

What were the challenges?

Some important goals in revamping the website were: 

  • It must be a visually appealing website with a professional look and feel;
  • Security must meet today's standards;
  • Compliance with applicable regulations (GDPR, cookies, ...);
  • Mobile accessibility must be optimal;
  • Optimal usability and customer orientation:
  • Visitors should be able to find the right information quickly, also from search engines; 
  • Brochures managed in an external Document Management System (DMS) must be available and searchable within the website;

Vacancies must be made available within the website from an external vacancy database.
The various services also had many of their own websites. This 'proliferation' of websites also had to be limited. Each service therefore had to be able to have a place on the website with the possibility of providing its own information, but all within the same look and feel of the OLVZ house style. 

The new website will meet all contemporary standards and requirements for several years to come. 

Online pharmacy

Strategic Research

The first part consisted of a performance analysis. We list the strengths and weaknesses of the current situation, learn from the existing interactions of website visitors, and formulate responses around the motivations of interactions with OLVZ services.

In the competitor analysis, we learned from how competitors in the same sector are doing. A comparison with our own performance also provides interesting insights.

From the toptask survey we have gathered useful information by questioning website visitors about which aspects within the website are top priority and which are less important. We presented and discussed all results of the strategic research with OLVZ.

Concept & user experience

Within a new Information Architecture we gave all information on the website the right place and determined the user journeys. This resulted in an optimal navigation structure, which among other things gave shape to the menu of the new website. It also became clear which information should be available at which level, without compromising flexibility. 

The wireframes were created during the UX-design. All the collected theory was converted into working prototypes of important website pages, without entering into design aspects. From the wireframes, graphic designs were created. We designed visually attractive website pages based on the wireframes. Ultimately, the graphic design must be transferred one-to-one to the front-end, the part of the website that the website visitor will see. 

Calibrate digital marketeer

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Drupal website development

The Drupal website was developed over a period of four months. With regular demonstrations in between, so that OLVZ was well aware of exactly how the new website would function and look. All required functionalities and their layout in the frontend were worked out step by step on the basis of carefully worked out user stories, so that progress could be closely monitored and it was also clear what could already be tested. 

The development phase was concluded with a training course for OLVZ so that they could once again test the completed website on a test environment. Meanwhile, the production environment was also prepared so that OLVZ could start entering content, a task that should not be underestimated. Due to COVID-19 circumstances this took longer than initially planned, but the result is there!



The new Drupal Content Management System (CMS), thanks in part to the Digital Experience Platform, offers extremely user-friendly, efficient and flexible management for the various content of the website. In addition, the website has an extensive search function based on the SOLR search engine. This makes it possible to easily find all information, which is created within the website, but also all information, which is imported into the website, such as patient brochures or vacancies, via the search function. And not only through the search function on the website itself, but also through search engines, such as Google, information can be found easily. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) module gives website administrators advice on how best to supplement the metadata for web pages so that online search engines display the information optimally in the results.


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