Still have a Drupal 8 site? Time to upgrade to Drupal 9! After all, Drupal 8 has been end of life since November 2021.

We also developed a Drupal 8 checklist to determine how easy it is to update to Drupal 9 in just a few clicks.  

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Frequently asked questions when upgrading from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9

Will my Drupal 8 continue to function?

Yes, but updates are no longer published. These ensure the security and stability of your Drupal installation. So an update is needed soon. 

Even after November 2021, Drupal 8 website will still work, however without new updates so the risk of a security breach will be higher as time goes by.

Why is Drupal 8 End-Of-Life?

Drupal 8 uses components of the Symfony 3 PHP framework. Symfony has announced that this version will be "end-of-life" in November 2021. This means that no security updates will be launched for Symfony 3. Drupal 9 will use a recent version of the Symfony PHP framework.

Will my website content be saved?

Yes, an upgrade from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 has a relatively small footprint, your website will in almost all cases be nicely preserved with the same functionalities.

How much does an upgrade to Drupal 9 cost?

Every website is different, but as mentioned, this is similar to a typical version upgrade. Assuming your website uses current, Drupal 9 ready modules this will go smoothly.

Audit 3

When we perform an upgrade, it is also always accompanied by personal customer contact. With concrete advice on next steps or any specific comments. This way, you as a customer can understand where the needs and opportunities lie and of course decide on the next steps yourself.


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A Drupal upgrade is also an excellent time to ask yourself if your website is delivering what you expect from it.

After all, you're investing in your Drupal website because you want it to deliver results, and those results don't just depend on the technology. Strategy, user experience and digital marketing performance are also crucial.  For a full service website audit you can contact us.

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Through an initial digital scan, we immediately uncover the strategic pain points of your digital presence.

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