For many years, Vandemoortele and Calibrate have forged a strong bond in the digital world. This partnership has served as the foundation for the development and management of their digital platform. Over the years, this partnership has not only built trust but also created a deep and fruitful relationship. It is a partnership we are proud of and are now pleased to highlight with the unveiling of their brand new Croustico website.

Homepage croustico

As a loyal web partner of Vandemoortele, we were challenged to support them in the creation of a new website to replace their previous Croustico website. The former website simply could no longer meet the growing demands of the company. It was therefore decided to develop an entirely new website from the ground up, with a fresh design and advanced features. During this process, two crucial pillars were key: reusability and the multisite platform approach. But why did we choose this? Because reusability within a multisite platform significantly reduces development time and simplifies maintenance.


The multi-site platform

Together with Vandemoortele, we have already built a multisite platform in the past. This has resulted in websites that are easier to develop and maintain because they share the same solid foundation. So it was a logical step to build Croustico on this platform as well.

As previously emphasized, reusability is central to a multi-site platform environment, and this principle was again evident in the development of Croustico. The implemented paragraphs and content types were already in use on other websites within this platform. This meant that they could be seamlessly adopted for the Croustico site, requiring only new styling. This makes it extremely easy for web editors to write news items in the same consistent way, both for and Croustico, for example.

Using a multi-site platform thus promotes reusability, resulting in lower development costs and overall lower maintenance costs. Nevertheless, it still allows for specific developments, combining the advantages of both approaches.


The Product Information Management (PIM) system

At Calibrate, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to effortlessly integrating external tools into Drupal. Our in-depth knowledge and technical skills allow us to transform your Drupal website into a powerful hub for all your digital needs.

One of these external tools used at Vandemoortele is the Product Information Management (PIM) system. This was therefore an esential aspect during the development of the new Croustico website. Vandemoortele uses this system as their product catalog, allowing them to effortlessly synchronize product information with their various websites.


Customer is king, even after the successful launch of the new, innovative website. Thus, we continue to work closely with Vandemoortele to further improve and optimize the Croustico website in the future. Additional features can easily be developed and integrated into the existing multisite platform, allowing us to quickly respond to changing customer needs and requirements. This collaboration with Vandemoortele - just like their delicious bread and pastries by the way - already tastes like more!

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