Discover our solutions and references within the healthcare sector.

In the healthcare sector, everything revolves around people. In the digital experience we also focus on a very accessible user experience so that people in need of care can also make optimal use of an online platform. An online solution that is truly for everyone.

For all of our clients in the healthcare industry, we focus on a number of core issues


Our Digital Experience Platform is designed with security as a priority. So you can be sure that sensitive data is transmitted and stored securely.


Because we design online experiences for the weakest in society, the interfaces and functionalities are optimally prepared for differently-abled, blind and visually-impaired people

Open and connected

The solution is Open Source and optimally connected through an open restful API system. So you are always ready to integrate other applications.

In Calibrate, we found the partner to realize our revamped website against a compelling deadline.
San Cooreman
Familiehulp Marketing Manager
San Cooreman

Did you know?

online user experience is evaluated against the WCAG standard? Calibrate specializes in designing and developing WCAG compatible websites. We also offer audits to screen your website for WCAG compliance.

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