Calibrate guides local governments in the development of their website. A strong citizen experience and combination with E-counter is paramount.


We build a custom solution, but based on best practices and commonly used principles in public administration websites. 

Citizens First

We design the user interfaces with the citizen in mind. Your entire target audience should be able to use the website smoothly, and that includes people with less digital baggage.

Secure and stable

Your visitors' data is handled securely, in line with the GDPR regulation. We provide a solid platform that has been thoroughly tested.

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Focused on the top tasks

From our experience we know what the main needs of your visitors are. For example, a lot of attention is paid to opening hours for specific services such as container parks and public counters. Via a smart calendar system, these dates are managed neatly and centrally.

This is of course only one example of a specific application? Want to know more?


My Citizen Profile

My Citizen Profile is the portal to all official data and documents of a resident with the Flemish/Federal Government. Via various authentication possibilities (itsmeĀ®, eID reader, SMS, etc.) the user can log in to this portal.

Via the access and user management ACM/IDM that the Flemish Government uses, there is a possibility to implement a single sign-on.


ReadSpeaker automatically converts texts into speech so that web pages are read aloud. This speech-enabling feature makes the website more user-friendly and accessible for people with disabilities.

UiT in Flanders

UiT in Flanders is the agenda for culture and leisure in Flanders and Brussels. Organizers and city services enter their activities directly and once in the UiTdatabank and it is implemented in the website as an activity calendar.

Zoeken op website

Powerful search feature

By means of a general search function, a
user can search through the website in a quick and user-friendly
search through the website. Using an automatic suggestion list, the visitor quickly finds the information he is looking for.

External links

Calibrate offers the possibility to connect your Drupal website with an external system via APIs or external link such as Omnitracker, Flexmail, Mollie, Geopunt, MediaHaven, SharePoint, Dynamics, Green Valley, JCC Software, ...

Linking your Drupal website with an external system?


MailChimp is a user-friendly tool for creating and sending newsletters. Through the MailChimp link, it is possible for a visitor to subscribe themselves to the municipality's MailChimp newsletter.

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Ease of use for editorial team

When developing the website, a lot of attention is paid to simplifying the ease of use for the website administrator. Thanks to customized tools, we can automate and simplify a lot of work for the editors.

Sint-Truiden Openingsuren

Services & Opening hours

The website of a city or municipality is the place par excellence for centralizing all services and opening hours.

The tool developed by Calibrate allows the web editor to set opening hours and closing calendar at a service.

It is possible to define one closing calendar and link it to one or more services. This saves the editor a lot of work and ensures that all opening hours are always up-to-date.

Did you know?

Weet dat we verschillende lokale besturen en specifiek OCMW's verder helpen met de burgers op de hoogte te brengen van hun rechten. Stad Kortrijk, Wervik en Blankenberge waren je al voor!

Calibrate DXP

Easy to manage

We use the Drupal CMS, which allows for employees of your city or town to easily manage the website. Creating pages, managing menus, opening hours... is child's play.

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