Digital management of heritage material is indispensable when opening up heritage to historians, scientists and the general public. Both professionals and interested enthusiasts should be able to enjoy heritage. Efficient digital management helps to connect with the broad public.

Looking for a solution to digitise your heritage and offer it online? We have the solution for you.

Advice and guidance

Rely on strategic advice and guidance for your heritage projects. With our experience at clients such as Herita and the Flemish Government you can count on solid experience and expertise.

Digital Asset Management

Our digital experience platform offers connections  with various DAM systems that are used within Heritage Management.

From capturing to website presentation

We offer solutions for capturing, managing and unlocking heritage material.

Tailor-made solution

In need of a customized solution? We design and develop your heritage app or website the way you want it.

Use the web module

For DAM users, Calibrate offers a standard web module that allows you to open up your heritage to the general public in a very budget-friendly way.

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Need advice on digital heritage management? We are happy to help you.

"Digital heritage management is multifaceted: it consists of the qualitative capture, classification and indexing of visual material. The latter is often quite a challenge. Opening up to the outside world is also a complex story.."

Heritage capture

How can heritage be captured in image, video and audio? Professional institutions have Ultra HD cameras and recording studios, but are often expensive to use and inconvenient to capture heritage on the spot. Fortunately, the technology does not stand still. The average citizen can now make razor-sharp recordings with a smartphone in all kinds of situations. Moreover, smartphones also store valuable metadata (such as time and location) about the photo or recording. This metadata can immediately be used to enrich the database.

The digital revolution opens up an incredible number of possibilities. Various heritage institutions are already using user-friendly web and mobile applications so that everyone can contribute to the capture of heritage.

Storage and classification with a DAM system

Once the heritage material has been captured, the smart web applications and websites provide an automatic link to a DAM (Digital Asset Management) system.

A DAM system such as MediaHaven or Bynder makes it easy to manage complex data structures and to classify, divide and provide individual media with all the necessary metadata. The DAM system is thus the central source for all apps and other "consumers" who want to use your media.


We have an active partnership with Zeticon and Mediahaven. The Mediahaven DAM system is used by many heritage organisations in Belgium.

Websites and apps to offer your heritage to the general public

When heritage media are neatly stored in the DAM system, it can be unlocked to the outside world. You offer the visitor a rich search experience in your heritage collection. In addition, new pages can also be composed. Think for example of collection pages to bring the inspiring content to the visitor.

Would you like a demo?

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