Did you know?

When a LLM makes errors we say it's halucinating. But actually LLM's are always hallucinating! It's just that the hallucinations sometimes are correct. 
By using our own content we can use it to just manipulate the text to minimise factual errors.

Generate all derivatives automatically

Fully Automatic content creation

With AI your CMS can now automatically create all derivates of your content. Summaries, social posts (Fb/X/linkedin/...) and more without even lifting a finger. All in your preferred writing style. This really frees up time in the marketing department.

Are we saying that you should generate all your content automatically? No, but summaries and other simple text rephrasing can be done with big confidence. 

Generate images in Content editor

The generation of images - inside your CMS

No need to switch browser windows or copy paste assets. From within your content editor experience you can generate images using the latest and greatest models (e.g. DALL-E). 

Writing style validation

Thanks to the powerfull LLM's that are available these days, validating the writing style or tone of voice, or even doing a SEO check on the content can happen automatically.

Marketing automation Personalisation

Marketing automation systems focus on delivering emails to many email addresses. By using our AI capabilities you can now send a unique email to each of your users. Every user has different preferences and  might expect different things. For example existing customers versus prospects. Passing this on to a Mail generation we can make unique personalised emails for every subscriber.

Editor helping examples from Dries Buytaert

Enhancing the editor experience

Some features that can help the editors (in saving time). 

  • Automatic translation.
  • Suggest title (the AI suggests a title for your content)
  • Suggest taxonomy terms (The AI suggests a set of taxonomy terms for your content)
  • Suggest summary (the AI suggests a summary for your content)
  • Check tone of voice (The AI suggests a set of taxonomy terms for your content)

Did you know?

Did you know that we can run these AI models also in EUROPE. This way you don't have to worry about GDPR and data travelling to the states or your competition.


Automatic Email answering in CRM

We can use RAG (Retrieval-augmented Generation) outside of the CMS too. If you have a helpdesk or a contact center and people are typing in mails (using a knowledge base), this process can be improved drastically. 
The system can prepare the mails based on the (non public) knowledge base and the employee only needs to validate the response. The AHT (handling time) can drastically improve this way. 
If you worry about wrong content, the knowledge base is the content source, a single edit in the knowledge base will be represented in the generated answers. 

GPT style answer

Semantic Search

Thanks to RAG (Retrieval-augmented Generation) we can now create a GPT that uses the content from your own site. This can be Drupal but might also be an entirely different tool. This results in end users getting answers to their questions. This results in a lower load for contact centers, helpdesk employees and similar.

Content is King!

AI's and more specific, all those GPT's are trained with content. This is content from sites all over the worls but also your content. Content editors are the shepards of AI. 

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