You're thinking about a brand new website for your organisation, but you don't want to build a website from scratch again. As a marketer, are you already at a loss for words? The solution is very simple, if you work with Drupal 8 or 9, you don't have to start all over again. Below we explain how this works and what a take-over entails.

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The difference between a new website and a website take-over: cost and process

The advantage of a website take-over is that you don't have a "rest period" in which a new site is developed and you don't have to make unnecessary investments in a platform that is no longer up to date.  

Because you already have a Drupal 8 or 9 website today, you actually never have to invest in a new website from scratch. This is a more economical investment for you as an organisation. Because, be honest, a new website is always a big bite out of the annual budget and requires the necessary time, both internal and external forces.

The only condition is that your platform is in optimal condition so that we can continue to build. We do this by mapping out the technical debt. This will then also be optimised in phases. That makes a difference in your budget spending on maintenance. Only now you have the advantage that this investment can be spread over a much longer period. 

We first start with an audit on your current platform. Want to know what is being investigated?

Update your Drupal technology and features: from Drupal paragraphs to layout builder

Often you want a new website for an improved user experience. The new Drupal layout builder does just that. Layout builder is a drag and drop content editor that allows administrators to write content from the front-end of the website. With this change we make it easier for you to build your pages.

You as a Marketer can add different sections to a page. Within a section you can choose elements from a component library to add. This way of working allows us to have a more flexible result with less components. Win-Win!

New front-end or theme for your website

We often get the question: "We have a completely new corporate identity, that should include a new website, right?". Nothing is less true! By giving your current website a completely new look, it looks to the outside world like a new platform. By using front-end development we ensure that this is implemented. There are several techniques to tackle this.

Why does your Drupal website need maintenance and support?

Since we can now continue to build with Drupal, your platform needs to be up to date at all times. This way your platform is always ready for innovation. Discover our support services for your Drupal maintenance and support.

Optimisation of the website after acquisition

Below we give some optimisations that are perfectly possible to perform on your platform.

Search function optimization

How can we ensure that our search function is more user-friendly and provides better search results?

Mobile-First experience

Your website is probably visited more often via smartphone than desktop. So let's work together to make sure there is no discrepancy in user experience compared to desktop.


Add new functionalities

Because you have chosen Drupal in the past, your platform will always be scalable to add new functionalities. A website is usually a marketing tool, therefore it is often advisable to use a marketing automation such as ActiveCampaign, Mautic etc. If it turns out that despite your FAQ page you are often inundated with questions, it may be useful to install a chatbot or chatbox on your website.

Optimise and innovate

Do you want to take your platform to the next level to measure whether your KPIs are being achieved? Then it is advisable to start working with analytics. To avoid duplication of work, it may be useful to integrate your CRM with your website so that you can follow up on new leads and simplify your customer relationship management. Do you want the experience to be central and personalisation to ensure a more tailored user experience? Then you need a Digital Experience Platform! 

Did you know?

Would you like us to help you upgrade your current website?

Let's sit down together and listen to your wishes to innovate your website. On the basis of an initial meeting, we will then start with an audit of your platform.

With the results of the audit, we discover how your platform can once again fully meet the needs of the user. After approval, we start with the take-over of your platform by first updating all modules so that it is possible to add a redesign or possible new functions. Moreover, we also think along with you on a strategic and marketing level in order to achieve a successful end result.

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